• Amazing Acro-cat Ornaments: Buy one get one deal!

    $24.00 $20.00

    Meowy Catmas!!! With this supurrr special deal you get two ornaments! 

    Fur a limited time only, when these sell out, there will be no more! 

    You get our 2019 released ornament that says "Meowy Catmas" with our Rock Cats Rescue Logo, AAAND you get our 2020 Ornament comemmorating The Original Tuna, with our Amazing Acro-cats logo on one side, and Original Tuna's Paw Print on the other side!  

    Both are about 5" in size. The 2019 ornament is silver with black ink, and the 2020 ornament is  pearlescent with purple AND black ink, both are beautiful and shatter resistant.  

    Have yourself a Meowy Little Catmas after all!!!!