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    Bue (pronounced Booey) / Bowie, the Rebel!  He is the newest (and dare we say the best?) drummer for the band.  He also does some mean barrel rolls when he wants to!  The story behind Bowie's name is: since he looks like Nue but he is a boy, Samantha named him Bue!  BUT as the rebel, he hated this and wanted to be called Bowie.  Now mew know!  

    Bowie needs annual exams, vaccinations, and year-round flea medication. 

    For sending a monthly donation you get a heartfelt thank you from Bowie and all of us!

    For donating yearly, you also get a surprise “swag bag” filled with Amazing Acro-cats, Rock Cats Rescue, and Bowie-specific merchandise!  Plus your name added to our Thank Mew Wall!

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