• Sponsor an Acro-cat: Buffy the Wallflower

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    Buffy, the Wallflower!  Known to be timid and shy, she decided to retire early, even though she loved doing one of the more daring tricks in the show, during the finale.  

    Buffy needs annual exams, vaccinations, and year-round flea medication.  She also has daily medications she needs for chronic congestion. 

    For sending a monthly donation you get a heartfelt thank you from Buffy and all of us!

    For donating yearly, you get a thank you card signed by Buffy.  You also get 3 cards from her – two holidays and your birthday. You also get a surprise “swag bag” filled with Amazing Acro-cats, Rock Cats Rescue, and Buffy-specific merchandise. 

    You can send this donation as a gift to someone just click the “send as gift” option.