• Amazing Acro-cats or JAX Drink Holder "Koozies"


    Boasting the Acro Cats’ name along with a graphic of Tuna in purple, OR the snazzy new JAX Acro Cat in black and white, with her signature skull design on one side and her paw print on the other, our customized Kool Kat Koozie can’t get any “kooler!”

    Even on the warmest of summer days, our Kool Kat Koozie will keep your ice-cold drinks refreshing. Use the Kool Kat Koozies on any picnic or outdoor excursion and let them work their cooling magic!  Ready to pack up and go? The Kool Kat Koozie folds flat and fits easily into a picnic basket, handbag or pocket. Purrfect for your beer, sparkling water, or even bottles! 

    Made of laminated, open-cell foam, our Kool Kat Koozies are stretchy, tear resistant and fit snugly on cans and bottles. They fold flat and are lightweight for easy mailing. AND they keep your beverages cold for a nice long time – especially on hot days.