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    Since 2006, Samantha Martin and the Amazing Acro-cats have fostered and found homes for over 260 cats and kittens.  Usually these kittens are estranged from their mothers at infancy, bottle raised, and then clicker trained so when we find their furrever home the adoption retention rate is way higher, since there is already a bond with cat/human.  Our usual costs include food, vaccinations, spay and neuter, which does get covered in the adoption fee. Sometimes we get babies who need extra special care like fluids, emergency vet visits, surgeries, and other costs that do not get covered with the usual adoption fee. This is where sponsoring a kitten (or kittens) comes into effect!  

    For sponsoring for one month you get a shout out and huge thank you from us.  

    For sponsoring for one year you will receive a swag bag filled with Amazing Acro-cat merchandise and 3 holiday and birthday cards from JAX, who loves the kittens the most. 

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