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    Since 2009, Samantha Martin and the Amazing Acro-Cats have fostered and found homes for over 330 cats and kittens. Usually these kittens are without mothers at infancy and need bottle feeding and care around the clock. Once old enough, they are all whistle trained to go to carriers for mealtime and are comfortable with travel, new places, crowds and more. We clicker train them on stage to do some fun tricks for their future adoptive parents, participating in the show until they meet their furrever human. Because of clicker training and the associated cat/human bond, our adoption retention rate is much higher than average.

    Our fostering expenses include formula, kitten food, combo testing, parasite prevention, vaccinations, microchipping and spay/neuter. Sometimes we get babies who need extra special care like fluid therapy, tube feeding, emergency vet visits, and even surgeries. Our adoption fees don’t cover the cost of raising and caring for young kittens. Sponsoring these kittens helps cover those extra expenses.  

    Sponsor for a whole year and you get to name one of the foster kittens.