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    Hello my name is Annie!  My nickname is the helper because I am always running around trying to help everyone out! I might knock over stuff or run right over another cat in the process, but really, I'm helping! 

    I really love straws, and hanging out with Wiki and Sookie, and I used to jump through the large hoop and roll the barrell when I was in the show. Sometimes I would even play guitar! I really don't like NOLA loud noises, and soap operas.  I need help with my medical expenses like my vaccines, flea meds, dentals (my teeth are bad!) and regular exams and tests.  

    If you sponsor me for a month my mom will send you a shout out on Facebook and I will send you a thank you postcard! 

    If you sponsor me for a whole year I will send you a bunch of stuff, a whole swag bag filled with special merchandise with my face on it! I'll also mail you out special cards for holidays and your birthday, but no straws, I am going to steal them and keep them! 

    Thank mew for thinking about sponsoring me!