• Sponsor a Retired Senior Acro-cat: Indy

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    Indy is one of the original piano players of the band. She retired early, once we realized the chicken that plays the cymbal and tamborine appeared more tasty than she thought talented. (What can we say? Indy is the only member of the Acro-cats that has ever wanted to/tried to eat the chicken!) Indy is featured in quite a few TV commecials and movie parts these days. 

    All of the cats need check ups, vaccinations, year round flea medication, and dentals (as needed.) Since Indy is such a special cat, she also needs medications for chronic skin allergies and upper respiratory issues. She also requires other senior care like lab work. 

    For sending a monthly donation, you get a heartfelt thank you from Indy and all of us!

    When you have donated for one whole year, you will also get a surprise “swag bag” filled with Amazing Acro-cat, Rock Cats Rescue, and Indy-specific merchandise; and your name added to our THANK MEW wall!

    You can send this donation as a gift to someone.  Just click the “send as gift” option!