• Sponsor a retired Acro-cat: Sookie the Airhead!

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    Sookie loves to go shopping and manages our Amazon wish list (click here)! She formerly played the chimes with the band and would push her shopping cart filled with merch across the stage. Pain in her lower back, hips, and legs led to an early retirement. She is currently being treated for spondylosis, arthritis, bulging discs, and lumbosacral stenosis. Most recently, she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Radioactive iodine therapy was effective, but treatment cost around $4,000. She also needs regular blood work to check her thyroid levels.

    Sookie receives senior care lab work, regular exams, vaccinations, year-round flea medication, and dentals as needed.

    Here is a wonderful Facebook video of her fetching her sparkly ball!