• Training Kit 2.0


    We made some upgrades to our training kit!

    The new target stick extends to be super-long, enabling you to work at a farther distance once your kitty is catching on (see photo)!

    Whistles now come with a lanyard for your convenience during mealtimes (we sure think it helps!)

    Clickers are still our new high-standard custom Rock Cats Rescue clicker with a wristband.

    Very Importantly - you also receive the "Click Your Way to a Better Cat" instructional booklet, and Bio Booklet for all of the Acro-Cats Stars!

    And it all fits nicely into our NEW logo-print bags!

    If you've been enjoying our first edition training kit but feel it's time for an upgrade or you would like a more compact target stick, like the idea of a lanyard, or want to share - we've got you!

    We recommend getting the "Click Your Way to a Better Cat" DVD as well, for a full in-home training lesson experience! We feel so strongly about it in fact, that we are offering a special combo deal - get the Training Kit AND the DVD for $35, and you get a FREE Acro-Cats button of your choice! Find that deal HERE: https://shop.rockcatsrescue.org/products/clicker-training-kit-and-instructional-dvd