• Training Kit 2.0


    We made some upgrades to our training kit!

    The new target stick extends to be super-long, enabling you to work at a farther distance once your kitty is catching on (see photo)!

    Whistles now come with a lanyard for your convenience during mealtimes (we sure think it helps!)

    Clickers are still our new high-standard custom Rock Cats Rescue clicker with a wristband.

    Very Importantly - you also receive the "Click Your Way to a Better Cat" instructional booklet, and Bio Booklet for all of the Acro-Cats Stars!

    And it all fits nicely into our NEW logo-print bags!
    Plus you can order extra clickers, target sticks and whistles, by clicking on extra items when you place your order.

    If you've been enjoying our first edition training kit but feel it's time for an upgrade or you would like a more compact target stick, like the idea of a lanyard, or want to share - we've got you!